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Apple Integration – Apple TV 4K, iPhone, iPad

Few technologies have revolutionized the home automation industry the way apps have been brought to us by Apple. With the Apple TV 4K, you can stream TV over the internet, play your iTunes music library through your stereo, use Airplay to broadcast podcasts or music from your phone through your speakers, among many other features. The apps on your iPhone and iPad can also be used as a universal remote, can access you security system to arm and disarm, can access your cameras from anywhere. Combine with dedicated touch panels and handheld remotes for convenient control of our URC automation systems with the added convenience of your own iPhones/iPads and you truly have your home systems at your fingertips at all times from anywhere.

While the iPad has revolutionized home automation technology, other Apple products have given our Clients new ways to experience their media libraries throughout their homes. August West LLC has also helped our clients integrate technologies such as Airplay, iCloud and AppleTV into countless client homes.

Here are a couple of recent projects that August West LLC has completed for our clients:

  • A new Client needed the ability to access his climate control and security system from anywhere in the world. Using technology from URC Total Control,, and Apple devices, we designed a solution to allow him to access this functionality from his iPad and iPhone.
  • A Client wanted the ability to access their iTunes library from any television in the house. By leveraging URC Total Control and AppleTV, we were able to do this in an incredibly cost-effective manner.
  • A Client wanted the ability to stream music from their iPad and iPhone to any set of speakers in the house. By leveraging AirPlay and iTunes, along with a URC Total Control whole-home audio system, the Client can enjoy any song in his library from any room in his house!
  • A Client was building a second home and wanted to have seamless access to their media library at both residences. By leveraging iTunes, we were able to deliver a seamless experience to this Client and his family at both residences.

Are you an Apple user? Do you want to understand how you and put these technologies to use for you? If so, contact us today for a free in-home consultation.