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Automated Shades

Automated Shades

August West has installed motorized window covers in residences throughout Colorado.  As authorized dealer for Lutron, we design, program, and install automated shades and drapes for homes and businesses. 

Motorized shades and drapes are both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing:

  • Motorized window coverings help conserve energy by reducing solar gain and heat dissipation throughout the home
  • Motorized shades reduce glare and help product furniture and flooring from harmful U/V rays.
  • Motorized window coverings are also very aesthetically pleasing and are available in a wide variety of stylish fabric and control options

Virtually any window can be treated using:

  • Simple solar shades or roman shades that reflect heat but allow natural daylight to enter a residence
  • Straight and curved drapery tracks using a variety of fabrics (e.g. sheers and blackouts)
  • Vertical draperies (literally zero stack) for windows where there is no room for stack
  • Vertical shades in combination with draperies

A vast array of materials is available for or compatible with our motorized window covering systems so you have great aesthetic flexibility. We provide various control alternatives for your window coverings, including iPads, wall mounted control stations, touch screens and Android devices. August West can also automate operation of motorized window coverings to control them based on outside light level, temperature or time of day.

To learn more about how August West LLC can help you with your Lutron motorized window coverings project, contact us today for a free quote!

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