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Security Systems

Security Cameras and Alarm Systems

The ideal security system is one you never notice until the time comes for it to do its job.  At August West we design your system to be as simple and invisible as possible while providing high-level safety and peace of mind.

  • Answer and operate the front door and front gate from any telephone or touch screen in the home
  • View and control security cameras from the TV, your iPad or remotely through the internet
  • Monitor gas and water systems, with automatic shut-off if leaks occur
  • Allow a guest or tradesperson selective home access without ever giving them a key
  • View the location of security or fire alerts from a single, integrated control screen

Monitor Your Entire Property with Home Security Cameras

At the center of a well-designed home security monitoring system is the home security camera system. These security cameras allow Denver homeowners to visually monitor every part of their property and access recorded images in the future as needed.  If something is suddenly missing or broken this system can help resolve the “whodunit” question. Although such sophisticated video monitoring has been traditionally expensive, there have been dramatic drops in the cost of digital technology that make a Colorado security camera system more affordable than ever.

Closed Circuit TV System for Ultimate Security

Hearing is one thing; seeing is another. A custom closed circuit TV system gives you the ability not only to hear what is going on around the house, but see it now or in the future. Cameras can be set up anywhere in and around the home in locations of your choosing; having a closed circuit TV system is the best way to achieve peace of mind while providing protection for your family.

Colorado Home Security Systems are Smart Protection

Colorado home security systems by August West aren’t just effective; they are smart and user friendly as well. August West can set up Colorado home security systems that can be activated with a small, hand-held remote control that fits on your key ring. We can also make it possible to access your system over the Internet and monitor your home from virtually anywhere on the planet.

With August West, you have a great deal of flexibility and many options when it comes to Colorado home security systems. Contact us today and find out how you can protect your family better for less.

Colorado Home Security Systems – An Investment in Peace of Mind

A Colorado home security system is more than an investment in peace of mind; it can actually increase the value of your home and drive down the cost of your homeowners insurance premium. By making it more risky for criminals to break into your home, August West’s security alarm systems in Colorado can make your home eligible for discounted insurance rates.

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